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Got Tenants??? We Do!!! - Lease Only Service

If you need us to find a tenant for you, we offer a Superb Lease only service.  We provide you with quality tenants that are available in your area  Our services include:
  • We post your property on our site for FREE!!!
  • We show your property continually until it is rented
  • Supply you with a variety of qualified potential tenants
  • Verifying tenants Credit, Employment and Background
  • Totally complying with your instructions and protocols
  • If we do not place a tenant in your property We Do Not Get PAID!!! 

For more info and pricing on Call us at (773) 234-6322


For Investors & Agents:

Find a Tenant - Post your Property (Perfect for Property Managers & Agents)
If Do 
you have extra time on your hands, want to show your own property, and meet your potential tenants face to face; Then have we got the program for you.  You can add or "post" your rental property to our Property Listings and be seen by hundreds of potential tenants each month.  Benefits of Posting include:

  • You don't pay the Rental Agent, client contacts you direct
  • Control your own showings, listing and tenant verifications
  • Add Multiple listings and photos with a "Premium" Listing
  • Reach more clients for future rentals 

 For more info and pricing go to the List my Property link or Call us at (773) 234-6322


For Tenants:

Find a Landlord - Search our Property List
If you are looking to rent property, we can find the rental property you need.  We will be more than happy to show you your new dream home at No Cost To You, pick your address and we will set up a Custom personal Showing.  You can also have access to our current property listings, and you can contact the landlords to view the units on your own.  We continue to work with you until you find a place.


 For more info and pricing go to the Property link or Call us at (773) 234-6322


For Property Management:

Property Promotion/Management Service
If you want to bring your unit up to code and get better tenants, allow us to do the property management, we can help.  ASK US HOW!!!

Our Property Management Service Includes:

  • Collection of rent
  • Assisting in the enforcement of the rules and regulations
  • Communicating with tenants (i.e. notices, complaints, repairs)
  • Administering of books and records of the property
  • Distribution of monthly statements to the owner
  • Payment of monthly bills
  • General maintenance supervision
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Advising owner of any needed deferred maintenance and safety items
  • Notices to tenants, filing documentation
  • Coordinating paperwork with eviction attorney (if necessary)   

  For more info and pricing or Call us at (773) 234-6322


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